Tourist complex of Udmurtia includes about 2.5 thousand objects. There are more than 150 accommodation places for tourists, 32 museums, over 2 thousand historical and cultural monuments, natural parks, reserves and monuments, sports complexes. Rural tourism is also developing. The reception of tourists in rural areas is organized by about 150 private households.

The main sights of Udmurtia:

  • Architectural and Ethnographic Museum «Ludorvai» located not far from Izhevsk, examples of old Russian and Udmurt buildings
  • Museum-Estate of Petr Tchaikovsky in Votkinsk
  • Sarapul – the town where you can feel the atmosphere of pre-revolutionary Russia; the pearl of Sarapul is the villa of the merchant Bashenin
  • Old Believers villages in the north of the Udmurt Republic and Siberian tract museum (Bakcheevo, Igra region), the place where you can feel like a convict of the Russian Empire times
  • Museum-Reserve «Idnakar» near Glazov
  • Zuevy Springs – the southernmost point of Udmurtia where the Kama spreads almost to the horizon, pilgrims from all over Russia come here to visit the Holy and Gremyachiy springs with healing water
  • Mount Baigurez – the hill on the bank of the Cheptsa River, one of the most beautiful places in Udmurtia with a magnificent view of the surroundings
  • Baba Yaga Residence in the village of Kotlovka in Grahovo region, on the bank of the Yaga River (Baba Yaga is a character (a forest witch) of Russian folk tales) and Tol Babai Residence in Sharkan (Tol Babai is the Udmurt Father Frost)
  • Holy Assumption Convent in Perevoznoye village in Votkinsk region

Natural parks of the Udmurt Republic:

  • National Park «Nechkinsky» on the bank of the Kama River
  • Natural Park «Sharkan» (Sharkan region)
  • Natural Park «Ust-Belsk» (Karakulino region)
  • State Natural Reserve «Kokmansky»
  • State Natural Botanical Reserve «Andreevsky Pine Forest»


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 Museum-Estate of Petr Tchaikovsky in Votkinsk Sarapul Bashenin’s villa  National Park «Nechkinsky»
udm-9 udm-10 udm-11 udm-12
 «Ludorvai» Holy Assumption Convent in Perevoznoye village  Museum-Reserve «Idnakar» Mount Baigurez
udm-13 udm-14 udm-20 udm-21
Zuevy Springs  Siberian tract museum  Baba Yaga Residence  State Natural Reserve «Kokmansky»