Study program and tuition

Preparatory Course

If you apply for study programs in Russian, we invite you to join a 1-year Russian language preparatory course (1080 academic hours). Additionally to Russian language, all the students can take the course of Civilization of Russia and preparatory courses on different subjects depending on the study program they chose:

  • engineering-technical (physics, maths, informatics);
  • medical (biology, chemistry, maths).


The Russian language course starts every year on September 01 – November 01.

Duration September 01 (November 01) – June 30.

The deadline for the documents submission: July 01 (September 01).

Tuition fee

Tuition fee: approx. 107 300 RUR (can change).


If you still have any questions concerning preparatory courses or requirements to take them, please feel free to contact us.