Teaching and Learning

At Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University students can qualify for bachelor, engineer and master degrees, as well as candidate (PhD) and doctor (DSc) of science degrees.

Students qualifying for bachelor degree are trained in 49 programs, for master degree – in 38 programs, and for engineer degree – in 8 specialties.

The university trains PhD students in 48 specialties and DSc students in 18 specialties. Some supplementary courses are offered: skill-update, professional retraining and vocational training courses as well as probation.

The Institute of Continuous Professional Training and College of Mechanical Engineering in Kambarka provide secondary professional education in 16 programs and 1 program of primary professional education.


University programs to train bachelors, engineers, masters, candidates and doctors

Bachelor program (BSc) – full-time 4-year study, part-time 4.5-year study
Engineer program (E) – full-time 5-year study, part-time 5.5-year study
Master program (MSc) – full-time 2-year study, part-time 2.5-year study following the bachelor degree

Candidate program (PhD) includes theoretical study and research. The PhD students pass exams and work on their PhD theses. The graduates are awarded a PhD degree after a full-time three-year course or a part-time four-year course

Doctor program (DSc) follows the PhD degree. Those qualifying for a DSc degree work on their theses according to individual plans. They are granted a DSc degree after defending a doctoral thesis