Economic Engineering Faculty

Dean Rail Galiakhmetov, Prof., DScDean Rail Galiakhmetov, Prof., DSc

Economic Engineering Faculty was among the founders of economic education in the Udmurt Republic who started training engineers-economists in 1965.

During the years of its existence the faculty trained over 1,000 specialists who work in all industries and companies of the republic. Being the patriarch of economic education in our republic, the faculty is constantly developing, mastering the academics skills, improving the level according to modern requirements to higher school.

The faculty educates highly skilled, aesthetically and strategically thinking economists able to responsibly make decisions under risk and uncertainty conditions for building up civilized business in Russia.

We provide high-level academic training in the best traditions of economic education. Close cooperation with leading companies give our students the unique opportunity – to get prepared to completing practical tasks of real sector of economy while studying, and after graduation – to get a prestigious job and achieve professional growth.

Faculty Departments

Faculty Staff

101 lecturers, among them: 14 Doctors of Science, Professors, 52 Candidates of Science (PhD), Associate Professors

Bachelor Programs

  • Economics
  • Management
  • Business-Informatics
  • Commerce
  • Applied Informatics
  • Information Systems and Technologies
  • Innovations

Master Programs

  • Economics
  • Management
  • Business-Informatics
  • Commerce
  • Finance and Credit
  • Information Systems

Doctoral Programs

  • Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Software Packages
  • Economics and National Economy Management


Address: Russia, Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk 426069, Studencheskaya 42, bld. 6, room 201A
Tel.: +7 (3412) 77-60-55 (*) 6292