Department of Small Arms

pisarev-s-aHead of the Department: Sergei A. Pisarev

Address: Russia, Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk, 426069, Studencheskaya, 7, build. 2, room 305

Tel.: +7 (3412) 59-24-34


The Department of Small Arms, which celebrates 60thanniversary in 2014, trains weapon designers. Over these years the department trained about 2,500 specialists, and the names of its graduates, developers of the weapon, are well known both in our country and abroad: G.N. Nikonov, V.A. Yarygin, A.I. Nesterov, B.M. Zorin, I.E. Deryushev, V.M. Kalashnikov, B.D. Stronsky, M.E. Dragunov, etc.

The Department is awarded two diplomas of State Council of the Udmurt Republic, the Union of Russian Gunsmiths.

Scientific work

At the various periods of time, the department conducted the following research for the needs of leading research institutes of country and industrial enterprises of the Udmurt Republic:

In the field of internal and intermediate ballistics:

  • Ways to increase the muzzle velocity of the projectile due to the changes of different parameters of weapon, imporovement of the efficiency coefficient of a charge, consistent burning of the parts of combined charge through the use of multi-chamber schemes of weapon, etc.
  • Maximum ballistic capabilities of a barelled weapon are studied, and reasonable boundaries of improving the ballistic parameters of weapons are defined.

In the field of guns the following is developed:

  • Theoretical bases of the gas-engine design; physical processes of blast waves following the shot and the influence of overpressure on the shooter are investigated;
  • Theoretical model of the system «shooter-gun» and the issues of sustainability and effectiveness of weapon;
  • Methods of calculation the automation engines of various parts of automatic weapon;
  • The issues of internal ballistics of small arms, theoretical models of the bullet motion on the trajectory with the influence of structural and dynamic factors on the bullet launching from the barrel and on the sustainability of its motion on the trajectory;
  • Automated systems (targets) to measure the parameters of shooting;
  • Methods and computer aided design of weapon;
  • Thermal and gas-dynamic bases of the design of a new barrelled rocket system.

Currently, research work of the Department is carried out on the study of:

  • The maximum structural possibilities of small arms, including the analysis of the system «target parameters – ammunition, energy sources – barrel – automatic weapon – promising kinematic weapon schemes – system «shooter – weapon» – an image of the future soldier – national forces – an influence of the uncontrollable factors» and explanation the new weapon scheme;
  • An improvement of the methodology of the system design of the weapon;
  • Carriage scheme of weapon;
  • Spatial uncontrolled movement of small arms and schemes with balanced automatics;
  • External ballistics of a small arms and improvement of its effectiveness;
  • Developing the methods of calculation and design the hunting weapons;
  • Modeling the processes associated with the development of the system of design the small arms.