The Udmurt Republic

udm map2

The Udmurt Republic is a sovereign republic of the Russian Federation. In 2008 Udmurtia celebrated the 450th anniversary of its joining the Russian Federation. It is situated in the western part of the Middle Urals between the rivers Kama and Vyatka. The Republic covers an area of 42,100 sq. km that is 0.25 % of the total area of the Russian Federation. The population of Udmurtia is over 1,600 million people. There are 6 cities: Izhevsk, Votkinsk, Glazov, Mozhga, Sarapul and Kambarka, and 25 rural regions in the Republic. The Head of the Republic is Alexander Solovyov. In accordance with the Constitution of the Udmurt Republic, the Supreme Council of the Udmurt Republic and the Council of Ministers, the government of the Udmurt Republic, are the supreme bodies of state power and administration. The Udmurt Republic has its national symbols – an emblem, flag and hymn. The climate is temperate continental with an average temperature in January -15.0°C. Summer is warm here, with an average temperature in July +22.0 °C. Udmurtia is a native land of the great Russian composer Peter Tchaikovsky. So, it is not incidental that Izhevsk has become the place where annual international music festivals are held.