General information

At Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University students can qualify for bachelor, engineer and master degrees, as well as candidate (PhD) and doctor (DSc) of science degrees.

Students qualifying for bachelor degree are trained in 48 programs, for master degree – in 37 programs, and for engineer degree – in 6 specialties.

The university trains PhD and DSc students in 27 specialties. Some supplementary courses are offered: skill-update, professional retraining and vocational training courses, as well as probation.

Foreign nationals and stateless persons can study on primary study programs on budget in the following cases:

  1. if issued the referral by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation within the quota for studies for foreign nationals and stateless persons in the Russian Federation established by the Government of the Russian Federation;

  2. on a competitive basis within the target figures of admission established for Kalashnikov ISTU:

    • citizens of Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Tajikistan;

    • citizens of Republic of Armenia, Republic of Moldova, Turkmenistan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Republic of Georgia permanently residing in the Russian Federation;

    • compatriots and their offspring able to documentarily prove their status.

In other cases foreign nationals and stateless persons are enrolled on a commercial basis.

University programs to train bachelors, engineers, masters, candidates and doctors

Bachelor program (BSc) – full-time 4-year study.

Engineer program (E) – full-time 5-year study.

Master program (MSc) – full-time 2-year study program following the bachelor degree.

Candidate program (PhD) includes theoretical study and research. PhD students pass exams and work on their PhD theses. The graduates are awarded a PhD degree after a full-time 3-year course or a part-time 4-year course.

Doctor program (DSc) follows the PhD degree. Those qualifying for a DSc degree work on their theses according to individual plans. They are granted a DSc degree after defending a doctoral thesis.

On successful completion of studies the graduates are issued appropriate state diplomas.

Preparatory Courses

As Russian is the language of instruction at the university, those having the insufficient command of it have to take a 1-year Russian language course. Also the prospective students can take courses in mathematics, physics or informatics, depending on the study program chosen. Those who successfully pass entrance exams are enrolled to one of the university faculties or institutes.

The Russian language course starts every year on September 01.

The deadline for the documents submission: July 01.

Please keep in mind that those coming for a Russian language course are issued visas for courses only!!! After the completion of the Russian language course and enrollment to a study program chosen, the students have to return to their native countries with new invitations to apply for study visas.