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ISTU Publishing House was formed from the office of editing and publishing and printing department in 1994.

The Publishing House plays a significant role in ensuring a qualitative educational process since it was formed in order to implement necessity in publication of textbooks, training manuals, educational and methodological materials, article collections, ISTU scientists’ monographs and other scientific and technical literature.

The Publishing House is a major structural unit of the University consisting of the editorial office, prepress group, printing office, service center and bookshop.

The main activity categories of the ISTU Publishing House are:

  • editing (correction of spelling and punctuation errors; adjusting of text elements in accordance with the requirements of the standards; correction of logical, actual, stylistic and other errors);
  • technical processing of the author’s original (text markup);
  • desktop publishing and preparation of the publication dummy layout for printing;
  • image (illustration) scanning;
  • information output on paper and film carrier via printer;
  • processing of the text and image information via a professional scanner with the use of high-powered computers and the advanced software;
  • offset printing (paper sizes A2, A3);
  • bookbinding services: paperback, hardcover;
  • stamping of the text with foil of different colors;
  • lamination;
  • production of business cards, pocket, wall, quarterly calendars on springs with client’s output or advertising data;
  • prompt copying.

The production basis of the printing office includes modern equipment for printing and postpress processing of book products: chopper with computer control, gilding press, bending machine, squeeze molding machine, “stitcher”, laminator, equipment for seamless bonding, and others.

Type of publications issued by ISTU Publishing House:

  • Educational publications (training manuals);
  • Scientific publications (monographs, collections of papers and abstracts of reports, conference proceedings);
  • Periodical publications (journals: “Bulletin of Kalashnikov ISTU”, “Socio-Economic Management: Theory and Practice”, “Mathematical Models and Information Technologies in Organization of Production”, “Intellectual Systems in Manufacturing”);
  • Art publishing (literary and art and documentary publications);
  • Other production (B / W and full-color newspapers, letterhead, brochures, business cards, posters) to A2 paper size;

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Director: Osipova Galina Aleksandrovna

Address: 426069, Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk,

         7, Studencheskaya Street, Room 124
           Tel./fax: +7 (3412) 77-10-75