Visa requirements


To get a Russian visa, you have to receive an electronic invitation from the university. The invitations are issued by Federal Migration Service within 30 days from the date of application. To issue the invitation, the following information/documents are required:

  1. Scanned copies of the first passport page and the page with dates of passport issue/expiry valid for at least 1.5 years from the date of entering the Russian Federation (please, send the copies as an attachment to an email message).
  2. Name of the institution/company with the address where the person is employed (if applicable).
  3. Position in the institution/company (if applicable).
  4. Home address.
  5. City to apply for the visa (city where the Russian Consulate is available).
  6. Email address where the invitation should be sent to.

IMPORTANT: The invitation will be sent to you only after paying no less than 50 % of the tuition fee for one academic year (You should check the fee in Study Programs section!!!) to one of the university accounts given below. Please send us the fee transfer confirmation via the email.

When you obtain a visa, please send a scanned copy of it to

Payment details

For payment in US dollars

For payment in Euro