10 reasons to study in Izhevsk

  1. Izhevsk was founded in 1760 and celebrated its 260th anniversary in 2020.
  2. Izhevsk is a large industrial, cultural, educational and research center with the population over 648,000 people (https://www.izh.ru/en/info/14193.html).
  3. Izhevsk is a multinational and multiconfessional city: people of different nationalities and religions peacefully live together.
  4. Izhevsk is quiet and safe: people are friendly and helpful, and tolerant to different nationalities and confessions.
  5. Izhevsk has the developed system of transport communications: railway junction, airport and automobile arterial roads.
  6. Izhevsk is reckoned among the biggest centers of the Russian industry: 50 machine building, metallurgical, electronic and chemical enterprises are functioning here (https://www.izh.ru/en/info/14194.html).
  7. Izhevsk has a rich cultural life: 4 theaters, a philharmonic, 13 palaces of culture, 25 city libraries, 13 art schools for children, 6 cinemas, 16 museums and galleries, an ice place, a circus and a zoo are functioning here (https://www.izh.ru/en/info/14197.html). A lot of different local and international events take place in Izhevsk.
  8. Izhevsk has a modern system of medical services: cardiologic clinic, oncologic dispensary, center of neurosurgery, ophthalmology and prenatal care are in the list of the leading centers of the Russian Federation.
  9. Izhevsk has over 850 sport facilities, including stadiums, sport complexes and gyms, swimming pools and a modern biathlon complex. Different international and local competitions are held in Izhevsk.
  10. Izhevsk is green: 15 parks and public gardens, and picturesque forestry outskirts around the