Department of Technology of Weapon System Production

Dementiev-v-bHead of the Department: Vyacheslav Dementiev, Assoc. Prof., DSc    

Head of Department: Vyacheslav Dementiev, Assoc. Prof., DSc

Address: Russia, Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk, 426069, Studencheskaya, 48, build. 2, room 302

Tel.: +7 (3412) 77-11-68


The Department of Production of Machines and Mechanisms was renamed into Department of Technology of Weapon System Production in 2015. The department has been educating gunsmith-engineers for industrial and design activity for over 60 years. More than 4,000 high-skilled engineers have been trained, who are working successfully at machine-building enterprises of Russia.

The department comprises the self-financing scientific-production division, in which the teachers and students perform research works implemented at industrial enterprises of Russia. Following the developed technologies, the productions, including the unique enterprise «Pruzhina», have been established. «Pruzhina» is one of the first enterprises in Russia, which launched the production of nanostructured products.  

The department educates scientific workers on doctoral programs. Over 100 PhD and 20 DSc theses have been prepared and defended.