Tikhonov Institute of Physical Training and Sports

gibadulinDirector Ildus Gibadullin, Prof., DSc

The institute named after the fourfold Olympic biathlon champion Alexander Tikhonov was founded in 2012. The institute is equipped with the following:
- Computer diagnostic system “Valenta” with the running machine
- Running computer Polar RS 400
- Spiro-analyzer Spirolab II – computerized diagnostic spiro-analyzer with color graphic display and software Winspro for detecting all the necessary parameters of external respiration function
- Complex of computer pulsometry WinPulse
- Psychophysiological testing computer complex “NS-psychotest” for practically all psychological tests
- Portable device USPC-01 “Spirotest” for the on-site digital detection of lung capacity and volume of first second forced expiration
- Electro-cardiographer EC-1T-03M2
- Computer software for the express diagnostics of the functional state and reserves of sportsmen organisms

Institute Department
- Biathlon and Sport Technologies

Institute Staff
-7 lecturers, among them: 1 Doctor of Science, Professor, 4 Candidates of Science (PhD), Associate Professors

Bachelor Program

  • Physical Training


Master Program

  • Physical Training


Doctoral Program

  • Theory and Methodology of Physical Training, Sport Training, Health-Improving and Adaptive Physical Training



Address: Russia, Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk 426069, 30 let Pobedy 37, bld. 4, sport hall
Tel.: +7 (3412) 77-60-55 (*) 4330
E-mail: ffkis@istu.ru

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