Technology of Industrial and Artistic Material Working

lozhkin-yu-vHead of Department: Yury Lozhkin, Assoc. Prof., CSc

Address: Russia, Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk 426069, Studencheskaya 48, bld. 2, room 409

Tel.: +7 (3412) 77 60 55 ext. 2334




Department of Technology of Industrial and Artistic Material Working was established in 2000. Specifics of the Department – students obtain engineering and humanitarian knowledge. Graduates – process engineers, design engineers, specialists in advertising are, first of all, artistic persons, inventors with aesthetic taste.

The main aim of the Department – to train first-class specialists with knowledge in production, which is achieved thanks to highly skilled teaching staff. Engineering scientists, artists and designers well-known in the Udmurts Republic and Russia are involved in the educational process. Students are taught such artistic courses as composition, drawing, chromatology, history of art, script design, graphic design and computer-aided design. The Department is actively and fruitfully cooperating with various companies and institutions of the Republic.

Many students take an active part in exhibitions and research activities participating in contests and winning high places in Russian student contests.

Research Areas:

  • Improvement of design of wooden items based on CAD/CAM technologies
  • Development of scientific foundations of shape and facture formation in design objects
  • Improvement of aesthetic-communicative properties of souvenirs and their production technology
  • Development of style theory