New Doctors Honoris Causa

On February 22, 2013 the meeting of Kalashnikov ISTU Senate dedicated to the 61th anniversary of the university took place at Palace of Students “Integral”. Its program comprised the official ceremony of insignia delivery to newly nominated Doctors Honoris Causa of Kalashnikov ISTU.

According to the decision of Kalashnikov ISTU Senate, in 2013 the honorary title has been awarded to two foreign partners of Kalashnikov ISTU:

  1. Dr. Oliver Moravcik, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Material Science and Technology in Trnava, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovak Republic

  2. moravcikDr. Ekbert Hering, Professor, Emeritus Rector of Aalen University, GermanyDr. Oliver Moravcik has been the dean of the faculty since 2007. He is an author of over 150 scientific works. Area of expertise: automation control systems, robotic system, information technologies. Dr. Moravcik is the head and coordinator of 8 large research projects, including international ones. He is a member of reputable research societies, including International Informatization Academy (the Associated Member of the United Nations), DAAM, member of editorial boards, holder of Leibnitz medal. Dr. Moravcik visited Kalashnikov ISTU on multiple occasions and participated in biennial international forums “Education Quality (EQ)” being held at Kalashnikov ISTU. He renders great support to cooperation and student mobility between our universities.

  4. heringDr. Ekbert Hering has been rector of Aalen University for 10 years. In this position Dr. Hering supported internationalization and advance in education and R&D and promoted cooperation between higher school and industry. Dr. Hering is an author of more than 50 books in natural science, informatics and economics. Being an expert of Evaluation and Accreditation Agency in Hannover, Germany (ZEvA), Dr. Hering took part in international accreditation of our university. With his kind assistance and direct participation Kalashnikov ISTU in close cooperation with Zeh company (Germany) has established a galvanization laboratory equipped with an experimental industrial installation for waste water treatment.