Kalashnikov ISTU took the 76th position in the ranking «100 best universities of Russia» according to RAEX (Expert RA)

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Ranking Agency RAEX (Expert RA) made up the sixth annual ranking of Russian universities.

The ranking is prepared using the statistical indicators and survey results among 30 thousand respondents: employers, representatives of academic and scientific communities, students and graduates.

Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University took the 76th position in the ranking «100 best universities of Russia-2017». Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University has been among the top 100 universities in Russia according to RA «Expert» for the sixth time since 2012, since the establishment of the ranking.

The ranking of universities RAEX (Expert RA) – integral assessment of the quality of graduates of the university, defined by quantitative parameters of educational and research activities of universities and qualitative characteristics that reflect the opinion of key reference groups: employers, representatives of academic and scientific communities, students and graduates. The assessment shall be subject only to leading universities and their affiliates are not considered by the drafters of the ranking.

The universities are evaluated based on the analysis of statistical indicators and results of surveys of the following target groups: students and graduates, representatives of the academic and scientific communities, representatives of companies-employers. In 2017 the survey involved more than 30 thousand respondents. Sources of statistical information were: the survey of universities, scientometric indicators and data from open sources.

The top three universities in the ranking have been stable for three years running: the first place is traditionally occupied by Lomonosov Moscow State University followed up by MIPT and MEPhI.

The Russian universities have achieved the greatest progress in the field of scientific publications indexed in foreign scientometric databases: the number of publications per employee increased by 44% and the number of citations per employee by 66%.

The universities focusing on educating economists and managers achieved the greatest advancement in the ranking. The demand of applicants is steadily shifted in the direction of the leading economic universities, and their alumni a year after graduation earn 28% more than graduates of other universities of top-30 ranking of RAEX.

The consolidation through mergers / acquisitions damage strong institutions because the level of the material logistics and staff of the merged universities, as a rule, are relatively low. Most of the universities involved in the processes of consolidation lost their positions in the rankings of 2017.

Ranking Agency RAEX (Expert RA) became the first organization in Russia and fourth in the world, whose rankings have successfully passed the international audit of IREG Observatory – the largest association of producers and consumers of educational rankings in more than 20 countries. In 2016 the agency received the right to use the sign «IREG Approved» confirming that the methodology of ranking universities in Russia by RAEX (Expert RA), the procedure for its preparation and presentation of the results meet the high-quality standards.