German students will study at Faculty of Heat Engineering

German students will study at Faculty of Heat EngineeringOn September 19-23, 2015 Izhevsk and Kalashnikov ISTU hosted German lecturers Ezzo Hady Youssrey Sayed, Ilona Palmer and eight students from Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences. The visit of German delegation was arranged in the frameworks of academic mobility program between the two universities. The main aim of the stay was to get acquainted with our university, opportunities and conditions of studies on the double degree program which is successfully implemented at Faculty of Heat Engineering.

The idea of working out such perspective study program belongs to Prof. Valery Didenko (Kalashnikov ISTU) and Prof. Andrea Töppe (Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences). The combination of such profiles as “Water services for populated areas” and “Heat supply” in one program is very urgent today and it opens a wide range of professional opportunities for graduates, for example, in supply and utilization companies, Russian-German joint ventures, etc. As Prof. Boris Yakimovich, Rector of Kalashnikov ISTU, mentioned at the meeting: “… cooperating with each other, we, first of all, complete the task of improving the education quality and training students to work in global integrated modern world…”

German students will study at Faculty of Heat EngineeringDuring two weeks the guests from Germany met students and lecturers of Faculty of Heat Engineering, attended 2 excursions to water purification facilities, and on September 24 had the meeting with Prof. Boris Yakimovich, Rector of Kalashnikov ISTU, Dr. Alexander Elensky, Vice-Rector for International Relations and Accreditation, and faculty staff supervising the double degree program – Dr. Olga Varfolomeeva, Acting Dean, Dr. Elena Grinko, Vice-Dean and Dr. Mikhail Dyagelev.

Dr. Elena Grinko, Vice-Dean of Faculty of Heat Engineering stated: “This year we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our cooperation: in 2005 the first cooperation agreement between our faculties was signed and we started the work on this interesting program – we call it “bi-national” and our German colleagues – “double degree”. It was a long and hard way – at that time we had a 5-year engineering education, but in Germany they already had bachelors, etc. It was very difficult to compare the curricula, but eventually it was completed in 2010. From that time onwards the intensive contacts between our faculties have started – first, those were only short-time trainings, but later on starting in 2012 the bi-national program was really launched. Today our 11 graduates have the diplomas of our university and Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences. I would like to express my gratitude to my colleague Ezzo Hady Youssrey Sayed for his active help in this project. This is really very important for us after the untimely decease of Prof. Andrea Töppe, an initiator of this program. We hope that soon students of Ostfalia will come to us not only for 2-week trainings, but will study to pursue our diplomas. German students experience certain difficulties, in particular, we understand that Russian is a very difficult language, but some of the classes can be conducted in English…”

Dr. Alexander Elensky pointed out: “The success of the program is in the fact that the idea of 2 diplomas was realized in bachelor studies. The majority of universities all over the world work out master double degree programs, and this is easier to some extent. It requires less contact hours and more individual research work. Inthisregard, our 11 graduatesarenotthatfew…”

German students will study at Faculty of Heat EngineeringEzzo Hady Youssrey Sayed thanked our university administration for invitation and opportunity to discuss further cooperation plans with the colleagues, as well details of the program, to agree upon practical collaboration issues: “… we would like our studennts to be enrolled to this program. When I return to Suderburg, we’ll discuss it with our dean and people responsible for this program and prepare concrete proposals regarding the study process for German students…”

During their stay in Izhevsk, the guests visited Mikhail Kalashnikov museum, outdoor ethnographic museum and zoo, played bowling, had a boat trip along Izhevsk lake and even went skating.

According to David MartinHoffmann, one of the students: “…we are happy to come here and we were very warmly welcomed, the accommodation is excellent. We got acquainted with the university and faculty, talked to Izhevsk students and everybody is very hospitable”.

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