Kalashnikov ISTU in university ranking ARES-2015

05 logoEuropean Scientific-Industrial Chamber published Academic Ranking of World Universities –European Standard ARES-2015, in which Kalashnikov ISTU got the 50th position among 100 Russian universities. Our university is among the universities with BB+ ranking, which indicates reliable quality of teaching and research, and employability of graduates.

ARES ranking is based on EU standards. The ranking main parameters comprise the indices of research activities, international cooperation, employability of graduates, informatization, etc. The purpose of ARES-2015 ranking is to evaluate the ability of universities to provide students with the required knowledge, as well as the possibility to participate in research activities and to actively communicate with future employers.  

The results were processed automatically, thus completely excluding a human factor. This helped eliminating the subjective errors of Shanghai ranking (main criterion – availability of Nobel Prize winners) or QS (random selection of peers).

In 2014 Kalashnikov ISTU also got the 50th position in ARES with BB+ ranking.