Visit of partners from Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava to Kalashnikov ISTU

030-1-7On 20 May Prof. Boris Yakimovich, Rector of Kalashnikov ISTU and our university representatives welcomed the colleagues from Slovak Republic.

The guests from Slovakia – Prof. Pavol Božek and Ing. Branislav Bako, PhD student (Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava), our university was represented by the Rectorate, Department of International Education and Cooperation, Economic Engineering Faculty – Institute of Economics, Management and Finance, and Faculty of Quality Management – Department of Mechatronic Systems.

The aim of the meeting – to discuss the results and perspectives of cooperation between our universities, extension of contacts in the field of education and research, implementation of joint projects on the level of departments and research teams, as well as the presentation of the textbook by the international author group.


Welcoming the Slovak guests, Prof. Boris Yakimovich, Rector of Kalashnikov ISTU pointed out that Prof. Pavol Božek had already visited our university and congratulated the Slovak colleague with the honorary title of Professor of Slovak University of Technology conferred recently. As for the results and perspectives of cooperation, Rector expressed the hope for its continuation in certain areas and wished our partnership to reach the new strategic level.

At the same time, Prof. Boris Yakimovich added that we achieved the greatest success in joint research works with dozens of joint publications, including those in SCOPUS and WEB OF SCIENCE, 10 patents and 6 useful models. This success needs to be developed and we have such possibilities. One of the options – an idea of joint project in the frameworks of Horizont-2020, e.g. together with our partners from Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.

Dr. Aleksandr Elensky, Vice-Rector for International Relations and Accreditation talked about the contact of individual scientists or departments in the field of research. He indicated that we achieved certain success in cooperation with our partners from Zvolen and Trenčín, won several grants in the frameworks of Erasmus+, had been cooperation with German universities for over 10 years, in particular, in double degree programs, and would be happy to work in the same direction and on the same level with our colleagues from Bratislava.


Prof. Pavol Božek thanked Izhevsk colleagues for collaboration and pointed out that apart from the projects with colleagues from Department of Mechatronic Systems we had projects with Faculty of Computer Science and Faculty of Advertising and Design of Kalashnikov ISTU. He also emphasized the importance of joint publications which contribute to international prestige of both universities and are accreditation indexes in both countries. Prof. Pavol Božek also discussed the problem of joint patents in our countries, informed the colleagues about the list of specialized Slovak journals in the fields of wood processing, mechanical engineering and new technologies registered in SCOPUS and also invited the partners to the forthcoming international conference in material processing technology and mechanical engineering.

In the end of the meeting the new students’ textbook «Management in the conditions of crisis» published at Kalashnikov ISTU was presented. The new textbook is the result of work of Russian-Slovak team – Jaroslava KádárováJaromír MarkovičGalina Lobanova, Olga Perminova and Jozef Mihok and is dedicated to the theory and practice of anti-crisis management for students in economics.

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