ISTU + ERU: first graduation of bachelors

03-img-04In the end of June the first graduation of bachelors from Egyptian-Russian University (ERU) will take place at Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University. 27 Egyptian students will defend graduation qualification works and will be issued two diplomas – of Kalashnikov ISTU and ERU.

The partner relations between Kalashnikov ISTU and ERU started on the very date of ERU foundation – in 2006. Our university was the principal strategic partner of the young Egyptian university: the main part of ERU educational process is based on study programs of Kalashnikov ISTU. The ERU President and one of its initiators – Prof. Sherif Soliman – is Doctor Honoris Causa of our university. 

03-img-02In 2013 in the frameworks of cooperation between the two universities, Kalashnikov ISTU and ERU signed the agreement on double degree programs in «Civil Engineering» and «Mechatronics and Robotics», and the first Egyptian students were enrolled. And finally, the first graduation will take place in the end of June: 16 students will defend graduation projects in Civil Engineering and 11 – in Mechatronics and Robotics.

«This is the milestone event not only for our university but also for Izhevsk and Udmurt Republic, and probably for Russia as well», Alexey Ryabchikov, Head of Department of International Education and Cooperation said. «At the moment, 92 Egyptian students study at Kalashnikov ISTU on double degree programs. Taking into account that only 200 Egyptians studied in Russia in 2012, if not a half, but not less than a quarter of all Egyptian students study at our university».   

03-img-03Of course the relations with ERU are reciprocal: our teachers read lectures not only at Kalashnikov ISTU but also in Egypt, our students go to ERU to take part in conferences and trainings. But the first graduation of bachelors is a special delight: our university hasn’t only educated students but brought them to graduation. Many of them would like to proceed with master studies at Kalashnikov ISTU.   

Next year another double degree program will be added – «Info-communication technologies» at Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering. The students have been educated on this program for a long time already, but all the required documents, such as curricula and acceptance protocols, are being prepared now for students to start their studies from September 1, 2016.  

03-img-01Note: Еgyptian Russian University (ЕRU) was founded in 2006 in Badr-City, Cairo (Egypt) following the initiative of the group of Egyptian scientists and assistance of Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and Embassy of Russian Federation in Egypt. The study programs of ERU are the result of academic and scientific cooperation with a number of Russian universities. Kalashnikov ISTU is a strategic partners of ERU. When ERU was established in 2006, the former rector of ISTU Prof. Ivan Abramov and Doctor Honoris Causa of ISTU, a famous small arms designer Mikhail Kalashnikov became the members of its Board of Trustees from the Russian side.

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