Russian Language Summer School for foreign students finished at Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University

007 1-13August 11: in the solemn ceremony the students received certificates on passing the course of the Russian language. From 25 July to 11 August, eight students from Slovakia and a visitor from Iran studied the «great and mighty Russian language». The curriculum of the school «Russian language for everybody» contained 40 contact hours. Speaking and writing course, grammar and speech also were included. Let us point out that the school opened its doors for foreigners for the second year, consecutively.

zzz 1-58In addition to the educational program, the students from foreign universities studied the culture of the Republic and our country. The extensive excursion program was also organized. Apart from the sightseeing tour of Izhevsk, the students visited Kalashnikov Museum of Small Arms, the outdoor ethnographic museum «Ludorvay», Museum-Estate of P.I. Tchaikovsky.They also spent the memorable weekend at Sports Camp «Galevo», swam in Kama river. The students also visited the capital of Tatarstan – Kazan – to study Kazan Kremlin architecture.

The training was provided in Slovak and English. The classes were held by Associate Professor Dr. Irina Nekipelova. Irina commented the work of the school: «The students were trainable. They were never late to class, they listened attentively and asked questions. By the end of the summer school they read the texts on construction in Russian. Moreover, the final chord of our training was watching our famous film «Ivan Vasilievich changes profession.» It was important for me to show the soul of Russian people and our country. Working with students was interesting. Well done, guys!»

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