Projects of Kalashnikov ISTU are exhibited at MIEF-2017

On April 12 Moscow International Education Fair (MIEF) was opened in Moscow. Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University was one of the participants of the exhibition.

Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University presented several research and educational projects at MIEF-2017:

  • «Development of efficient functional materials for electromagnetic devices based on hybrid polymer composites with nanocarbon inclusions» (project leader – Prof. Mikhail Pletnev).
  • «Center for inclusive education» (together with JSC «Concern «Kalashnikov»).
  • «System of modular small arms of new generation» (project leader – Prof. Sergey Pisarev).
  • «Development of the technological process for the automated production of orthopedic handles of sports pneumatic pistols based on 3D modelcreation».
  • «Educational-scientific center of professional competences». The centercombines six basic departments established by JSC «Concern «Kalashnikov», JSC «Izhevsk Motorcycle Plant «Axion-Holding», JSC «Votkinsk Plant», OJSC «Sarapul Electric Generator Plant» and OJSC «Elekond» to improve the quality of students’ training, acquisition of additional professional competences and skills of scientific activity on modern equipment.

The exposition of Kalashnikov ISTU also contained thestands «Engineering center of the university «IzhSpecTech» and «Youth science».

The delegation of Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University was presented by Prof. Valery Grahov, Acting Rector, Prof. Yury Mikhailov, Vice-Rector for Research, Nikolay Knyazev, Head of Department of Presentations, Prof. Sergei Shilyaev, Deputy Head of Department of Education.

Moscow International Education Fair took place from 12 to 15 April in the 75th pavilion of VDNKh.

MIEF is the largest educational event in Russia that combines on the open forum and exhibition of innovative projects represented by professional academic and research community, state administration, large companies, business. This year, participants learned about various life-long learning and career development opportunities, saw new models and programs of professional development,and discussed the best educational practices.