ISTU is waiting for foreign applicants

19-img-01More than twenty future foreign entrants became for the first time the participants of the Open Information Weekend, which was held at Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University last Saturday.

19-img-02«They are listeners of Russian language courses, who are now studying at Kalashnikov ISTU», said Alexei Ryabchikov, Head of Department of International Education and Cooperation. «Today, 24 people are studying at the Russian language courses, mainly from the Middle East and Africa. They are young people from Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria, Syria, Egypt...  And we are very happy that almost all the participants of the courses came to get acquainted with the study areas and programs of Kalashnikov ISTU in the Open Information Weekend. For foreign applicants, in addition to the general program, we organized a separate meeting with representatives of faculties and study areas that particularly interest them. There are several areas – computer science and computer technology, management and construction. The meeting was informative, and we hope that in the new academic year we will see these students in the ranks of the University».

Unique experience is in demand


International cooperation has been traditionally one of the most developed areas of education and research of Kalashnikov ISTU for the last decade. Among the partners of the university are 48 foreign educational institutions and research organizations in the CIS countries, Europe, Asia and Africa. Today, the university has about 230 students from 26 countries, including Germany, Czech Republic, Syria, Egypt, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Jordan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, China and other countries in various parts of the world. During the time when relations with partner universities have been getting stronger, Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University, a member of various world and European associations and the organizer of events, conferences and Olympiads of the international level, has been successfully developing modern forms of partnership. Among them – double degree programs with universities of Germany, Czech Republic, Egypt, Slovakia, Austria and Republic of Belarus, programs for teaching students in English of Egyptian-Russian University (ERU). The latter experience is unique for a regional university: last June the first graduates of the bachelor programs defended their graduation projects at our university, and were issued two diplomas – of ERU and Kalashnikov ISTU. Earlier this year, about sixty new ERU students came to Kalashnikov ISTU to continue their studies in the fields of mechatronics and robotics and construction.


Perhaps this successful experience attracted the attention of international organizations that are engaged in helping foreign students who wish to obtain education in Russia. On April 24, a representative of Russian Educational Center arrives in Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University with a working visit. He will meet with the acting rector of Kalashnikov ISTU Prof. Valery Grakhov to discuss the ways of cooperation with our university.

«Today Russian Educational Center has good contacts with classical universities and medical institutes in Russia», comments Alexei Ryabchikov. «But there are practically no links with technical universities, and it happened so that this year the organization has reached out to us. A representative of Russian Education Center was already here on a preliminary visit, assessed the opportunities of Kalashnikov ISTU and identified four areas that would be of interest to the center and students: construction, mechanics / mechanical engineering, IT-related specialties, and economics. To study in these areas, Russian Education Center is ready to find large groups of international students from countries in Africa and Middle East. And we already have a well-developed scheme of the educational process and study programs in English in these specialties».