The Russian-German school «Water Supply and Discharge» was opened at Kalashnikov ISTU

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On August 28 Prof. Valery Grakhov, Rector of Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University had the meeting with the delegation of Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences and students of the Russian-German school «Water Supply and Discharge», which will be held for the first time at our university in September.

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The visit of the German delegation and organization of the summer school is one of the points of the academic exchange program in the framework of the Cooperation Agreement between the universities and development of double degree program, or bi-national program, which is implemented at the Faculty of Heat Engineering of Kalashnikov ISTU. It combines two areas – «Water management of settlements» and «Heat supply». The first Cooperation Agreement between the Faculty of Heat Engineering and Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences was signed in 2005. Thereafter, the work on the double degree program started, which was completed by 2010. Today, over ten students of Kalashnikov ISTU have double diplomas – of our university and Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences. Every year, our German partner university hosts our students for 1-week internships, but the specialized Russian-German school is arranged for the first time.

During the month, eight students of Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences will study subjects in specialized disciplines, listen to lectures in German, attend practical classes, get acquainted with the specialized enterprises of Izhevsk and Udmurt Republic– water treatment facilities, construction sites, which are interesting from the point of water supply systems and water discharge. The students of the first school are accompanied by the tutors – Prof. Artur Mennerich, Head of Department of Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Dr. Anja Blidon, research assistant and Prof. Jürgen Willi Niemeyer, Professor of Chemistry.

Following the good tradition, one of the first meetings was with the university administration. Apart from Prof. Valery Grakhov, Rector of Kalashnikov ISTU, Prof. Alexander Gubert, Vice-Rector for Studies, Prof. Alexey Schenyatsky, Vice-Rector for Research, Dr. Alexey Ryabchikov, Head of Department of International Education and Cooperation and Mr. Sergey Babushkin, Head of Division of International Programs and Academic Mobility, the guests were welcomed by the school tutors from the side of Kalashnikov ISTU: Prof. Olga Varfolomeeva, Dean of the Faculty of Heat Engineering, Dr. Elena Grinko, Vice-Dean of the Faculty and Prof. Vitaly Isakov, Head of the Department of Water Supply and Water Treatment.

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Prof. Valery Grakhov warmly and unconcernedly greeted our foreign colleagues and students, expressing the hope that the time spent in Izhevsk and our university will be both useful and pleasant for them.

«It’s very important to see the world personally, to visit different cities, to meet different cultures», he said, getting acquainted with German teachers and students. – «I think that this makes each of us richer. Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University has a strong desire to develop further cooperation with foreign universities, with German partners. Today we see how much German equipment and «green technologies» are being implemented in our country. And we set the task to ourselves that our students should be aware of all modern world trends, know all the advanced technologies, areas and strategies of the society development. Finally, all this is in the interests of our countries. And we will do everything to ensure that this first experience of conducting the Russian-German school will be successful».

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Prof. Artur Mennerich, Head of the German delegation, thanked the rector and organizers of the school:

– Our students will be happy to spend this short time period in Izhevsk – with pleasure and enthusiasm. And I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to you for the preparation that was done to meet the students, to organize their educational and cultural programs.

In fact, the cultural program is always an important part of studies in another country. German students, in addition to their lectures and practical classes, will have a tour of Izhevsk and other cities of the Republic, visit the Museum-Estate of Petr Tchaikovsky in Votkinsk, get acquainted with Udmurt traditions and socialize with our students. The September promises to be exciting and informative for them. Besides, this study period will be recognized as a study module at their University – Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences.

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