A visit to the laboratory

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As we reported before, on 28 August  Prof. Valery Grakhov, Rector of Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University had the meeting with the delegation of Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences and students of the Russian-German school «Water Supply and Discharge», which is held for the first time at our university.

While our students were still having rest, their German colleagues were grinding away at their studies. Vacation is the time for internships, so as not to miss classes during the academic year. The classes for students of Ostfalia University of Applied Sciencesand listeners of the Russian-German school «Water Supply and Discharge» contains not only lectures and practical classes but also visits to water treatment and sanitation facilities. On 31 August the students visited two laboratories of Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University.

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It’s one thing when you observe, the other – when you participate in the experiment. The main «attraction» of the laboratory «Water Supply and Discharge» is the plant «Hydraulic flume TMZH 3». The students were given the opportunity to determine the flow rate of water passing through the upper part of the passage. It can be either calculated by formulas or by the count. Experimentally, the guys could compare the two values, how much the two formulas turned out to be correct. The impeller of the water pump also deserved attention.

But the German students were not less interested in the electroplating laboratory, where the advanced German technologies arelocalized. As it is known, no educational institutionin Udmurtia educates specialists in electroplating, and only Kalashnikov ISTU occupies this nichefor the first time. It should be noted that it is also a platform for representatives of industry, which can implement electroplating and environmentally-friendly technologies whenever necessary. Actually, this is the commercial interest of our partners from Germany, promoting their own scientific and applied developments.

The lesson in this laboratory was in German. Prof. Jürgen Willi Niemeyertold his students, as clearly as possible, about the development of electroplating and the processes of copper plating, nickel plating, tinning, galvanizing.

The main value of any internship is live communication and gaining experience. The German guests of our university are getting all this in full.

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