«Sehr gut!» or «Come again!»


On September 15 Prof. Valery Grakhov, Rector of Kalashnikov ISTU received the delegation of students from Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences together with the teachers of the Faculty of Heat Engineering.

The rector congratulated German students with the completion of the educational program at our university. With keen interest he asked about the difference in the educational systems in Russia and Germany, about Russian hospitality and impressions the students would share at home.

The summer Russian-German school completed its work. Since August 28 the students of the Russian-German school «Water Supply and Discharge» were trained at Kalashnikov ISTU. As we know, this is one of the points of the academic mobility program in the frameworks of Cooperation Agreement between our universities and development of the double diploma program or bi-national program that is implemented at the Faculty of Heat Engineering of Kalashnikov ISTU. It combines two study areas: «Water services for populated areas» and «Heat supply». It should be noted that practically every year our university hosts students of our German partner university for 1-week internships, but the specialized Russian-German school was arranged for the first time.


During three weeks, eight students of Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences studied subjects in specialized disciplines, listened to lectures in German, attended practical classes, got acquainted with the specialized enterprises of Izhevsk and Udmurt Republic – water treatment facilities, construction sites. Besides, this study period will be recognized as a study module at their university.

In addition, the extensive cultural program was organized for school participants.

In a word, the first experience of holding the Russian-German school was «sehr gut».  

Exactly those words were said by the students themselves at the «final» meeting, which took place on September 15 in the conference room of the 1st building of Kalashnikov ISTU. They found warm words of appreciation for the teachers and translators who gave them good knowledge and only grades «two». As we know, the Germans have a reverse five-point rating system, so «two» is an excellent grade!

Some of them visited our university not for the first time and dream to come again. Some of them know Russian well, because they have Russian roots. They said what sights they had seen and how the trip helped them to make new friends. Although they are different by nationality, by the skin color, but they are not different from our students. Friendly, smiling and hardworking.


In the end of the meeting, the rector handed over the certificates to the students who had internship in the summer school, and letter of appreciation to Prof. Artur Mennerich, Head of Department of Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences.

The rector also presented the letters of appreciation to Prof. Olga Varfolomeeva, Dean of the Faculty of Heat Engineering, and the faculty teachers: Elena Grinko, Mikhail Dyagelev, Alexander Nepogodin, Anna Abramova, as they were the founders of the Russian-German school.

Yaroslavna Edomina, who completed her studies on the double diploma program at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, will also remember the day, as on that day she received the cherished bachelor’s diploma!

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