Our international student at the Rector’s reception

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On November 13 the solemn reception by Prof. Valery Grakhov, Rector of Kalashnikov ISTU with the best students was arranged. 15 students who significantly contributed to strengthening the reputation of our university with their achievements in studies, research and public activities were invited to the reception. Among them was Afias Thomas, a 2-year student of the Institute of Modern Technologies in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering and Metallurgy from Zimbabwe.

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The issues dealing with the implemented projects aimed at improving the university infrastructure, as well as the forthcoming changes in the students’ life were discussed in quiet and business-like atmosphere. Prof. Valery Grakhov answered all the questions and expressed his intention to arrange such meetings on a regular basis.

On that day, the young university leaders didn’t only hear the words of gratitude but were also handed the letters of appreciation from the rector.