Meeting with international students

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On November 21 the regular meeting of the university administration and representatives of a number of Izhevsk organizations with international students was held. Among the participants were: Alexander Gubert, Vice-Rector for Studies, Alexey Popovich, Vice-Rector for Security and Regime, Alexey Ryabchikov, Head of Department of International Education and Cooperation, Konstantin Dubrovin, Head of Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Udmurt Republic, Marina Prokushkina, Deputy Head of Department of Social and Domestic Work in Hostels, Alexander Shchenin, Head of Security Department, representatives of Department of International Education and Cooperation and medical insurance company.

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The meeting was dedicated to security issues, peculiarities of studies and stay on the territory of the Russian Federation. Konstantin Dubrovin made a preventive speech, reminded the students about the rules of behavior in public places and migration registration rules explaining the punishments for violations. Thus, one and more administrative infractions can result in visa cancellation and deportation from the country.

A lot was said about the regulations of stay of international students in the hostel, necessity to keep the accommodation in proper order. Such an important issue as medical insurance was also covered.

The discussion was trustworthy, the administration representatives helped solving the emerged problems and answered the students’ questions. Actually, the main idea of this meeting was to help international students to adapt to the new culture and make their stay and studies in our university comfortable and useful.

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