Professor from Germany read the lectures on «Internet of things»

On 12th of June Markus Weinberger, Professor of the University of Aalen (Germany) arrived to read a series of lectures in the field of «Internet of things» at Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University.

Prof. Markus Weinberger works on topics related to the Internet of things, digitalization, business model innovations and Blockchain technology. For three days, he shared theoretical knowledge with the students, supporting the theory with practical session. The whole workshop was held in the format of a roundtable discussion; due to the close contact the speaker from Germany was able to assess the level of training and knowledge in «Internet of things» at ISTU. This workshop is the first step to joint cooperation on a wider scale.

Postgraduate students, teachers of the Faculty of Computer Engineering and Instrumentation Engineering of Kalashnikov ISTU, representatives of enterprises of the Udmurt Republic: PJSC «Rostelecom», «MTS», «Megafon», JSC «IRZ», «IEMP «Kupol», JSC «Elekond» and others took part in the workshop.

At the personal meeting with Prof. Valery Grakhov, Rector of Kalashnikov ISTU various issues were discussed: business communication, prospects for the development of Internet of things and aspects of further cooperation. Prof. Weinberger said that he was for the first time in Russia and saw with his own eyes the great Russian expanses, that’s why decided to get from Moscow to Izhevsk by train.

– I received the sincere invitation from your university and could not refuse. I decided to take the opportunity to visit Russia and, of course, to establish cooperation. I am interested in the topic of Internet of things and I am sincerely convinced that a person cannot achieve success alone, he needs to have strong partners to be the first. I am sure that we will cooperate and jointly create something new for all spheres of life.

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