Collaboration with Association for Humanitarian Cooperation

ags-1On January 17 Rector of Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University Prof. Valery Grakhov and General Director of Association for Humanitarian Cooperation (AHC) Mikhail Novosetlsev signed the agreement of cooperation between our university and AHC.

Association for Humanitarian Cooperation is an organization selecting foreign nationals for obtaining higher education in the Russian Federation. Its main task – the recruiting of foreign students for Russian universities providing good academic knowledge for adequate fee.

Kalashnikov ISTU signed the agreement with AHC for the second time already. Its main idea is to attract foreign nationals from different countries of the globe to study at our university. As stipulated in the agreement, not less than 70 students shall be enrolled to Kalashnikov ISTU in 2019 on the paid basis.  

According to the signed agreement, Kalashnikov ISTU can also take an active part in the events for the presentation of Russian education abroad to promote the brand and awareness of the university at the world level.