Students of Kalashnikov ISTU — at II European Games in Minsk

student-minskFollowing the invitation of Belarusian National Technical University, the student delegation of Kalashnikov ISTU under the supervision of Konstantin Kremer, Director of Sports and Recreation Center, visited Minsk to take part in the opening of II European Games. Among the 11 members of ISTU were the activists of the university: Konstantin Zamyrov, Dariia Fertikhova, Ekaterina Shafikova, Natalya Teplyakova, Alexander Utkin, Ekaterina Osipova, Anna Permyakova, Gabriela Morar, Irina Shevchuk, Evgeny Ipatov.

On June 27, in the room of the Student Coordinating Council, Rector of Kalashnikov ISTU Prof. Valery Grakhov and Vice-Rector for Social Development and Upbringing Alexander Ushakov met with the participants of the trip to Minsk. On behalf of the whole delegation Konstantin Kremer thanked the university administration for the opportunity and organization of such trip, and also gave letters of appreciation from Rector of BNTU Dr. Sergey Kharitonchik to Rector of Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University and all the students having participated in the event.

The students shared their impressions of the journey. The spoke of the beauty and amazing architecture of Minsk and wonderful campus of National Technical University, hospitality of the organizers and students-tutors, of many excursions and visit to the medieval castle Nesvizh, that they began to speak with Belarusian accent and now they can all say a few words in Belarusian. And, of course, about the opening ceremony of II European Games at Dynamo stadium... “It was a grand show, very powerful technically and... and all Europe passed by us...”. And one more thing –barely or completely unfamiliar students of Kalashnikov ISTU before for a few days became friends: “... they turned out to be amazing guys, versatile personalities... there is such a feeling that we have known each other for hundred years!”