Learn Chinese and improve English

Nargiza Shaibakova, master student of V.A. Shumilov Institute of Construction and Architecture happily told us about her Chinese experience.

«I participated in the program China Discovery Summer School in the North-Eastern city of China – Harbin, at Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) for a month», Nargiza says. «I found out about this program in the International Office of ISTU from Sergey Babushkin and immediately decided to take part, because such opportunity appears infrequently. In terms of costs, the program participants had to pay only for the flight and visa (+pocket money). And HIT issued meal cards with 300 yuan (3000 rubles) for meals in canteens. I know only English and I did not know Chinese before this program. So, I went to study the Chinese language, their culture and improve conversational English, because all lectures were in English. I must say, more than half of the teachers were Chinese, who spoke English with an accent, but there were also teachers from America and Canada. We stayed in a very nice University's business hotel».

 You need a great desire, courage and determination to live for a month in a foreign country, even to start speaking in Chinese. Learning new things, an inquisitive student Nargiza did not forget to take notes. And here are some facts about China.

The first fact is that the Chinese have very different traffic rules, their movement is so chaotic that, being a pedestrian, you do not feel safe. It is good that they go at low speeds.

The second fact – the stereotype of low-quality goods from China does not work in China –everything is made on a high level. The strangest fact for me – there is not buckwheat there, only rice.

If you want to increase your self-esteem – go to China. The Chinese are very communicable and friendly and always make compliments. China is an amazing country. You need to see with your own eyes all the unique nature, monuments, architectural ensembles of the past and the wonders of modern engineering solutions.

Nargiza Shaibakova dreams to discover the whole China, to see villages and rivers, as in the works of Chinese writers, go to a tropical Paradise – Hainan Island – and visit «the city above the sea» – Shanghai.