«Everything is possible!»

Pecs-1The first agreement on cooperation between Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University and one of the oldest European universities – University of Pécs was signed in 1998. The long-term partnership has been strengthened: the academic mobility programs are in progress and Prof. Jozsef Orban, our first Doctor Honoris Causa, is a frequent and welcomed guest at ISTU.

Today we want to introduce a master student of University of Pécs Diána Zentai, who is a civil engineer in her first education and economist – in the second. Diána is also keen on languages:  she knows English, Hungarian, studies Italian and «the great and mighty» Russian language.

– Russian has been very difficult for me, she says with a smile. – But everything is possible – the most important is to work hard and has a strong motivation. First, I studied Russian by myself, then – with a teacher. There are not many possibilities to learn Russian in Hungary, therefore, I decided to come to ISTU for the language internship. I have already heard a lot about your university – my good friend master student Liza Bakaeva told me about it while having training in Hungary. And once I had a chance to be a guide for Prof. Grigory Yakovlev who visited our university to read lectures. We talked a lot. And I showed the sights of Pécs to the guest as best as I could.

From the beginning it becomes clear that this hard-working girl has learnt quite a lot of Russian for two years, and also a month of language internship contributed to this, and her knowledge is already enough to communicate quite freely. Besides, Diána thinks that “this language is unbelievably beautiful”.  

The intensive internship program also comprised the acquaintance with our university, Izhevsk, construction companies and enterprises, excursions to plants, meetings with students.    

Pecs-2We talked to Diána Zentai in the office of Prof. Grigory Yakovlev, the Head of Department of Construction Materials, Mechanization and Geo-Engineering who enters into the conversation: «The girl has easily adapted to new conditions, got in touch with teachers and students. Since she is professionally interested in construction, she spent a lot of time in our laboratories, got acquainted with new technologies in construction, Russian educational system».  

The time in Izhevsk flashed by, the internship is over but our guest has managed to do a lot – in particular, she has seen a new country, individuality and peculiarities of Udmurtia, its people, nature and culture, as the internship doesn’t mean only to practice language but also to get acquainted with the culture. And our guest has promised: «I’ll come here again!»