A working visit to Brno University of Technology

Yakovlev-Brno-1Prof. Grigory Yakovlev, the Head of Department of Constructional Materials, Mechanization and Geo-Engineering visited Brno University of Technology.

— I should say that this trip became possible following the invitation by Prof. Rostislav Drochytka, Doctor Honoris Causa of Kalashnikov ISTU, comments Prof. Yakovlev. — Prof. Drochytka is a former Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and now he is the Head of the Institute of Technology of Constructional Materials and Products, as well as the research program “AdMas”. We are happy that our institutes are closely collaborating internationally, and this time we discussed various issues and aspects of our further cooperation.

One of the most important issues is the joint Russian-Czech research project on electric conductivity of silicate composites, which we are trying to win via Russian Foundation for Basic Research. The work has already started, we have already achieved certain results, including the joint paper ready for publishing in a journal with a high impact factor.

Yakovlev-Brno-2Also, during the visit I read the lecture on nanotechnologies in construction to Czech students. I demonstrated our research results in this field. An opportunity to conduct investigations on the electron microscope with higher resolution in the research center “AdMas” was also very important for me. I managed to investigate the samples of my students and obtain the information to continue further joint research.   

On the way back, in Prague I met the representatives of a company interested in purchasing the license for one of our patents for manufacturing nanodispersions. We agreed on preliminary investigations, which could confirm the dispergation possibility of additives to cement concretes of nanometric sizes.