Students of Kalashnikov ISTU returned from Germany with double diplomas!

Ostfalia-1For over ten years the Institute of Power Engineering and Housing & Utility Infrastructure of Kalashnikov ISTU has been cooperating with Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences (Germany). For this period of time 21 Izhevsk students have completed the bi-national double diploma program.

Recently, a group of our students — Olga Krasnoperova, Iliia Nikolaev and Maksim Fedorov have defended graduation projects in Ostfalia. The bearers of double diplomas shared their impressions:

Olga Krasnoperova:

– Germany met us with warm weather, sun and new friends. We were accommodated in very beautiful light rooms – at first we didn’t even believe that we will live here. German students helped us in everything: in studies, everyday life, they made us acquainted with their traditions and showed sights.

Thank you, our dear ISTU and Ostfalia University for this opportunity, unique experience and new knowledge!

Iliia Nikolaev:

 It is very interesting to study in Germany. If you want to see Europe and another culture – go without hesitations! Besides you’ll get two diplomas – European and Russia. I have only positive impressions of the trip.

In my free time I went into sports, played football. At one of the trainings I was invited to play for the team «Böddenstedt», which was located in the neighboring city. There were several Russian-speaking players in the team, therefore, it was easy to get adapted. I professionally played football at home, so, I became the team leader and kicked 4 goals in the most important game. After that there was an article about me published in the newspapers, I got offers from other stronger teams. And I was recorded in the register of Böddenstedt containing the most remarkable and bright moments of the city life. I am very happy with the trip, such bright emotions and new acquaintances.  

Maksim Fedorov:

– I have a lot impressions of the trip to Germany. I never regretted that I had taken this chance. Now I have a German diploma – very precious in Europe and all over the world. It will help me to get employed in the international company in Germany.    

During this year in Ostfalia we obtained many positive emotions from our communication with the students studying there, we visited about 15 German cities, were in Spain, some of us were in Italy, France, Netherlands. During winter holidays in February we went to the sea to have a rest — and all this thanks to the scholarship we obtained there while studying. At the same time, everyone found a hobby: boxing, football, visits to the stables.

As for the studies, the language is very important. But it’s worth it. The material is not very complicated and is very clear. It even seemed that it is easier than in Russia. The teachers treated us well understanding our situation. It was very interesting to study. Many thanks to ISTU and all teachers who deal with the arrangement of such studies.