ERU – Kalashnikov ISTU: 13 years of successful cooperation

ERU-1International collaboration between Kalashnikov ISTU and Egyptian-Russian University (ERU) started in 2006 and today it includes several interesting and perspective areas:   exchange in research, active participation of students and teachers in study process, joint scientific activities and internships.

Last week our university hosted well-known ERU scientists: research fellow of ERU Prof. Shebl Sayed Shebl Mohamed and Dr. Elrefaei Ali Elsayed Mohamed Mohamed, a teacher and research tutor at the Department of Construction Structures of ERU. Dr. Elrefaei Ali has had long-term relations with our university. He has been recently a full-time PhD student at the Department of Geo-Engineering and Construction Materials and successfully defended the PhD thesis in construction materials and products.

On October 24 at the meeting with the Senior Vice-Rector Dr. Aleksandr Gubert the partners indicated the importance of developing and strengthening the cooperation between our universities. The visit program was very saturated: workshop for students of V.A. Shumilov Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture about the advanced ways and methods of improving the structures fire-resistance, meeting with ERU students studying at Kalashnikov ISTU within the collaboration program, as well as the visits to a number of Udmurt leading enterprises in the field of manufacturing construction materials.      

Ali’s colleague Prof. Shebl Sayed is the Director of the Institute of the Research of Physical Processes and Structures Protection from the Environment at the State Construction Company ofEgypt– with which V.A. Shumilov Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Kalashnikov ISTU has the cooperation agreement in the field of research. The Egyptian side is currently very much interested in the research of basalt fiber, which is widely used in many engineering and construction areas, and during the stay the guests had a chance to visit leading Udmurt companies manufacturing products from basalt fiber.    

The guests discussed with the university administration the plans of joint researches, joint publications, arrangement and participation in the annual international conference “Nanotechnologies in Construction”, which has been held since 2009 with the active participation and support of the Head of the Department of Construction Materials, Mechanization and Geo-Engineering Prof. Grigory Yakovlev. The Egyptian side expressed the wish to go on with teaching ERU students inRussia.

And we do hope for fruitful cooperation with our Egyptian partners and friends!