Seven study programs of Kalashnikov ISTU are the best in Russia

logo-luchsh-obraz-progrThe results of the expert voting in the frameworks of VII stage of Russian project «The best study programs of innovative Russia» have been finalized.

The project is aimed at revealing the study programs of higher professional education, which are trusted by the academic professional and student societies. When counting the results, the indexes of average score of unified state examination, winning at the Olympiads, personal scholarships received by the students, etc. were taken into account.

On the expertize results, the following study programs of our university have been placed among the leaders:

07.03.01 «Architecture»

08.03.01 «Civil Engineering»

09.03.01 «Informatics and Computer Engineering»

09.03.02 «Information Systems and Technologies»

15.03.01 «Mechanical Engineering»

15.03.02 «Technological Machines and Equipment»

54.03.01 «Design»