From Germany with new knowledge and impressions

Ostfalia-08 students of the Institute of Power Engineering and Housing & Utility Infrastructure of Kalashnikov ISTU returned from 6-day internship in Germany with new knowledge and a lot of impressions.

In the opinion of group leaders – Elena Grinko, a senior lecturer and Dr. Mikhail Dyagelev, associate professor of the Department of Water Supply and Water Preparation – the main goal of the internship in Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, our partner university, was successfully reached. For 2- and 3-year students it was new and very interesting experience. Without doubt, such trips contribute to improving the intellect level, extending the outlook, increasing the competitiveness at the labor market in future.

Our universities have been closely and fruitfully cooperating for a number of years already, and in 2008 we launched the bi-national double diploma undergraduate program «Water and Heat Supply of Populated Areas». Starting from 2012, the best students of this program go to Ostfalia (Campus Süderburg) and after the defense of graduation project they are issued 2 diplomas – German and ours. Today, our 21 graduates have already become the owners of two diplomas.

And in 2017 Institute of Power Engineering and Housing & Utility Infrastructure started to host Ostfalia students to take part in Russian-German summer schools and joint scientific seminars. On the results of such internships the students are issued certificates, which are recognized by their home university.

As usual, the hosts, our German colleagues, did everything to make the guests happy. Today, Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Maire, Dean of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering supervises our cooperation from the German side and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Artur Mennerich is the double diploma program coordinator. Both do a lot for the collaboration of two universities and implementation of joint partner projects.

So, the intensive week in the German university comprised lectures, presentations and excursions. The students visited the waste water treatment plant in Ülzen “Water treatment technologies are the same all over the globe but the plants differ. As usual, all the facilities are in one place, and here not: purification itself is in one place and treatment – across the road”, says Elena Grinko

The students were greatly impressed by the sugar plant (one of the largest plants not only in Germany but also in Europe) and stop-gates, which work without pumps (frankly, practically none of the students knew how they work before).

Our students also did laboratory works in hydraulics linked with the river bed and they fulfilled the task successfully. 

The students had only one day-off – Saturday and they took the opportunity to visit the wonderful Christmas fair in Ülzen. As it is known, in Europe such fairs are launched in the late November and they do not only sale Christmas souvenirs, they cover the whole complex of various events and amusement activities. To be in such fairytale is a real luck.

Without doubt, the elaborated variety of the program events also helps the students to understand the culture of the country, improve the language and communicative skills in order to extend the educational boundaries and master the profession at a European level.