Guest from Brno University of Technology

Guest-from-Brno-0In February V.A. Shumilov Institute of Construction and Architecture welcomed one more guest – Prof. Rudolf Hela from Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic.

On February 20, on the first day of the visit, he visited the laboratories of the Department of Constructional Materials, Mechanization and Geo-Engineering and appreciated their equipment. Both parties believe that since the representatives of the two universities have common research interests, it is necessary to use each other’s capabilities. On the same day, our Czech colleague read the lecture “Self-compacting concrete” to 3-4-year students.

It should be pointed out that the cooperation in construction between our universities was launched 15 years ago. It is now realized in the form of joint research works and publications, lecturing. The collaboration also comprises academic mobility and internships. In other words, under modern conditions the close and diverse cooperation brings the results.

During the stay, Prof. Rudolf Hela will meet the rector and get acquainted with our university. The parties will discuss the capabilities and plans of two related departments, share the experience of collaboration and ideas of its further development.