The day of the native language at Kalashnikov ISTU

native-languageOn February 21 the whole world celebrated International Day of Native Languages. For each human – a native language is the subject of special importance and our university with over 300 international students from over 40 countries also celebrates this day.

On February 21 the Center of International Academic Cooperation arranged «The day of the native language» – a literary meeting of the students of the preparatory department of the Institute of International Study Programs and International Club of students of Kalashnikov ISTU.

The event took place in the reading room of the university scientific library. The program comprised the holiday history, poems in Arabic (Mohamed Mohamed Nashaat Abdallah, Egypt), Bengali (Prachurzo Tasin Ihsan Khan, Bangladesh), French (Sagna Kalifa, Senegal), Spanish (Colina Mata Maiker Antonio, Venezuela), English (Ogbonna Favour Chibueze, Nigeria), Uzbek (Sevincha Kurbanbaeva, Uzbekistan) and Russian (Rozalina Karimova, Natalia Pozdeeva, Yulia Tronina), a song in French by Negou Temateu Cyrial Durel (Morocco).

In the end, all the students took part in «international karaoke» – they sang songs in different languages.