Online meetings of students with Directors of the Institutes and Deans of the Faculties



      Dear students of Kalashnikov ISTU!

The online meetings of students with the administration of institutes and faculties of Kalashnikov ISTU will soon be arranged following the schedule below.  

You will have the opportunity to address urgent questions regarding the format of the forthcoming exam session, training options, defense of qualification papers, etc. to the dean of your faculty, director of instate or head of department online and get the immediate feedback from them.


The schedule of online meetings:

20.05 — V.A. Shumilov Institute of Construction and Architecture

21.05 — Institute of Informatics and Computer Engineering

22.05 — Institute of Professional Continuous Education

26.05 — Institute of Power Engineering and Housing & Utility Infrastructure

27.05 — Institute of Modern Technologies in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering and Metallurgy

28.05 — Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering

29.05 — Institute of Digital Economy

02.06 — Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

03.06 — Institute of Physical Education and Sports

04.06 — Institute of International Study Programs

05.06 — Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

 All meetings will start at 11.40 and will be available at the official ISTU page at and