Institute of Digital Economy: on the sixth technological paradigm


On November 26 the Institute of Digital Economy hosted the online International Scientific-Practical Conference «The Sixth Technological Paradigm: Challenges of Our Time».

16 conference participants made presentations on topical aspects of economy. It is very important that 10 foreign professors and students were among the conference speakers.

«The challenges the world economy faces today demonstrate that it’s necessary to further develop technologies… Our discussion on the topic «The Sixth Technological Paradigm: Challenges of Our Time» will help to get acquainted with the experience of other countries and listen to their opinions on solving these urgent problems», said Prof. Rail Galiakhmetov, Director of the Institute of Digital Economy.

For 2 hours the colleagues and long-standing partners and friends of the Institute from Hungary, China, Slovakia, New Zealand made their presentations. The international students of Kalashnikov ISTU from Ghana, Nigeria, Syria and Yemen, currently mastering the study programs of the Institute, also made their presentations at the conference. The speakers talked about marketing, digitalization in economy, innovative technologies, changes in business processes. And, of course, about the processes and events of the current year: how the coronavirus pandemic has been influencing the economy in general. 

All in all, over hundred teachers and students of the Institute of Digital Economy took part in the conference.