The team of ISTU programmers – a participant of the IT world cup


The team of Kalashnikov ISTU programmers will take part in the finals of the most prestigious world cup in programming among student teams – International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), which will take place in Moscow on October 01-06. 

The team members are the students of our university – Aleksandr Egorov, Ilya Zylev and Rustam Musin. The team coach – Ruslan Gatin, a graduate of Kalashnikov ISTU and a finalist of ICPC-2014.

ICPC is an international championship in algorithmic programming, in which the best minds of the globe compete every year. The real Olympic Games for students whose teams compete in the speed, creativity and innovation of the solution of the problems set.    

The ICPC finals organizer – Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Development, Ministry of Education, Moscow Government, as well the partner companies Huawei, JetBrains, IBM Q, AWS Educate, etc.

To get to ICPC finals, the team of Kalashnikov ISTU went through the multistep selection in regional stages: according to ICPC rules all universities of the globe are divided into the regions based on the territory, where the quarterfinals and semifinals take place.

«Last time, our students were in ICPC finals in 2014. The participation of our team in the finals this time is a great and long-expected victory of the team and coaches of the Center for Training Programmers of Olympic Reserve of Kalashnikov ISTU. These finals resemble the Olympic Games in Tokyo: they were to take place in 2020 and were shifted, but due to the organizers’ persistence they will be held in 2021. The fans’ attention is definitely riveted to them team and this motivates the participants for intensive trainings. There is also another moment: in the qualifying cycle 2020/2021 arranged despite of the pandemic, based on the semifinal results this team takes the 13th position. Therefore, the successful competition results in Moscow can also help to get a pass to the next ICPC finals», says Prof. Vladimir Tarasov, Head of the Center for Training Programmers of Olympic Reserve of Kalashnikov ISTU, professor of the Software Department.   

172 teams from 70 countries will take part in these Moscow finals of ICPC−2021. These are the most broad-scale finals of the cup. For example, only 72 student teams took part in the finals in Prague in 2004.

Apart from the participants and foreign guests, the finals program will unite programmers, academic and industrial society both personally and online.   

We wish our team to reach the finals at their best and successful participation!

We are supporting you!