ISTU students – participants of the roundtable discussion «Life in another country»

krugl-stol-udm-0The roundtable discussion «Life in another country: possibilities to secure oneself and adaptation to new realities» took place on September 9.

The participants of the discussion were the core group of international students of Kalashnikov ISTU, Tatiana Savchenko, Director of the Center of International Academic Cooperation, representatives of Udmurt Institute of History, Language and Literature of Ural Division of Russian Academy of Sciences (UIHLL UrD RAS).

During the roundtable discussion two presentations were made: «National composition, ethnocultural and confessional features of the core population of Udmurt Republic» and «Educational migration in Udmurt Republic and attitude to migrants in the public mind of the population».  

Three principal issues were discussed:

  1. Current adaptation practices in the universities of Udmurt Republic.
  2. Man obstacles and conflict zones preventing adaptation of international students.
  3. Working out recommendations for forming active adaptation environment.

In the end of discussion it was decided to continue the dialog between international students of our university and scientists of UIHLL UrD RAS for the students to get acquainted with peculiarities of Udmurt culture and stereotypes of people behavior, and for the scientists to investigate the adaption problems of foreigners.   

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