Fall semester for the students of Egyptian-Russian University at Kalashnikov ISTU

eru-0From October 25 onwards 19 students in double degree bachelor programs «Mechatronics and robotics» and «Info-communication technologies» of Egyptian-Russian University have started their studies at Kalashnikov ISTU.

Dr. Vladimir Glushkov, Head of the Department of Radio Electronics Design says:

— Egyptian guys study at Kalashnikov ISTU in English. Mechatronics and robotics is one of the study programs at our university uniting mechanics, electronics, programming and control systems. Mechatronics today can be found everywhere – from agriculture to space engineering. And the program title indicates that a specialist will work on the creation of robots, CNC machines and similar devices.

I am teaching 3 study courses for Egyptian students – Programmable logic control, Automatic control systems, and Mathematical and computer modeling. I have 3rd year students, so, they already have a good training level on previous courses. Plus, a good English level both for everyday use and professional communication is a must. The latter is especially important since every field has its own specific vocabulary and phraseology. It can be pointed out that the level of retained knowledge of the students is rather high, so, the communication is quite easy.

After completing bachelor studies at Kalashnikov ISTU many students wish to proceed with master studies here. A good example is Mohamed Nabil. He learned Russian perfectly and successfully completed the master studies at the Department of Mechatronic Systems of Kalashnikov ISTU.

Below are the comments of some ERU students.

Salma Ahmed:

— When I was planning to go to Russia for studies, I was afraid that it would be difficult and a lot of things would be hard to understand. But it turned out that I was wrong. The teachers here are nice with us, they explain everything clearly and don’t give us a lot of home tasks. We always have Internet access and the electronic educational medium is sufficiently developed here. It’s interesting to study. We spend our free time here practically the same way as in Egypt — gather with friend and communicate. I have ambitious plans after the graduation: I want to be successful in everything whatever I will choose.

Sara Elsayed:

— I like to study, get everything new. It’s interesting to study at a Russian university. I like programming – the same as my brother. I still haven’t decided yet on the future profession, therefore, I am studying now to understand my true purpose.

Belal Mustafa:

— I like the university and I like to study here too. I have chosen mechatronics because this field is interesting to me. I don’t experience difficulties with the studies in Russia since the teachers explain everything well and help a lot. Of course, the climate differs from ours but I like it. I would like to live here for a while and return home. I would like to be a successful engineer in future, if not – I’ll be a model. I am also keen on digital photo and image processing.