Cooperation agreement between Kalashnikov ISTU and Jilin Institute of Chemistry and Technology of China


ISTU-Jilin-00On June 2 Kalashnikov ISTU signed the cooperation agreement with Jilin Institute of Chemistry and Technology (JICT) (People’s Republic of China) aimed at the development of mutually beneficial international cooperation in the field of development and promotion of joint study programs and realization of research projects.

Aleksandr Gubert, Acting Rector of Kalashnikov ISTU, Olga Varfolomeeva, Vice-Rector for Education, Marina Dmitrieva, Head of Educational Department, Alexey Ryabchikov, Director of Institute of International Study Programs, and Evgeny Sagaidak, Head of Department of Education Export of Novosibirsk State University took part in the ceremony of online signing of the agreement.  

Zhuàng Zhìjūn, Rector of JICT, Sūn Dazhi, Vice-Rector, Zhào Wenbo, Head of Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, and Deans of Faculties of Aviation Engineering and Electrical & Mechanical Engineering took part in the ceremony from the Chinese side.

In his welcome address Aleksandr Gubert, Acting Rector of Kalashnikov ISTU, pointed out that that the agreement to be signed would contribute to developing the fields, the importance of which had been indicated in February this year in the joint address of the leaders of our countries — Xi Jinping, President of PRC and Vladimir Putin, President of RF, namely — cultural links, education, science and engineering, contacts between people, sport.

In his speech Zhuàng Zhìjūn, Rector of JICT said that it is a great honor for Jilin Institute of Chemistry and Technology to collaborate with Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University called after the legendary designer of small arms — Mikhail Kalashnikov. As for JICT, it is known as «the birthplace of chemical workers of PRC» and it consists of the head institute and 3 branches with 17,000 students. The institute comprises 13 faculties and a master school, analytical testing center and educational divisions. Six main areas of studies and research are:

  • engineering sciences,
  • natural sciences,
  • economics,
  • management,
  • literature,
  • medicine.

In conclusion, Zhuàng Zhìjūn expressed his belief that «with the efforts of teachers and students of our universities we will soon definitely achieve fruitful results in educational cooperation».

The main area of cooperation in the frameworks of the agreement signed — development and implementation of joint study programs between the universities. At present, the parties are actively working on the mutual approval of the study programs in mechanical engineering and power engineering. Minimum one more program will be approved in the near future that will allow opening North-Eastern Engineering Institute on the basis of JICT.

The studies in joint programs will be conducted in Chinese and English languages following «3+1» scheme — 3 years at JICT and the graduation year at our university, including the graduation project defense. The program graduates will get two diplomas — JICT and Kalashnikov ISTU. Apart from the educational aspect, the cooperation in research and information activities, cultural and academic exchanges is envisaged.

This is already the second signing of cooperation agreement in education and development of international activities between Kalashnikov ISTU and Chinese partners this year.