ISTU — leader among HEIs of Udmurt Republic in Interfax rankings

On June 23 International Informational Group «Interfax» published an annual National Rankings of Universities (NRU) for 2022.

Russian HEIs were appraised against six parameters:

  • educational activities;
  • research activities;
  • social medium;
  • cooperation;
  • brand;
  • innovations;
  • technological entrepreneurship.

The appraisal was made based on the questionnaires filled in by university representatives, open data placed by universities on their webpages, public data of information resources of Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, as well as the information from information-analytical systems of Interfax — SPARK and SKAN.

When working on the rankings, the analysts evaluated the operation of 358 Russian HEIs containing all status domestic universities: 29 national research universities, 10 federal, 33 basic and 101 universities participating in the program «Priority-2030». Besides, the work of 4 governmental and 7 private universities was assessed.

This year Kalashnikov ISTU took 156-159 position. In comparison with the previous year it managed to move 20 positions up.