«You proved to everyone that you deserve everything great!»

vypusk-imopOn July 5 the ceremony of solemn conferring of diplomas to graduates of Institute of International Study Programs took place.

Institute of International Study Programs is one of the youngest structural divisions of Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University. The institute offers study programs both for Russian and international students. It cooperates with all faculties and institutes of the university in the frameworks of double degree programs, programs of academic mobility, and internship programs for students and teachers.

The ceremony was opened by Alexey Ryabchikov, Director of Institute of International Study Programs.

40 ordinary diplomas and 9 diplomas with honors were conferred to future translators, mechatronic engineers, managers, programmers who were heartily congratulated by Andrey Kopysov, Vice-Rector for Science and Innovations:

— You will remember this day forever, and you will have only a few days like this in your life. You can count them with fingers on one hand: the day of your birthday, the day when you got education, and when you founded a family. Remember about this! Now you have the name of a graduate of our university, and the way you’ll show yourselves in companies where you’ll work, they’ll judge about us. And I ask you to show yourselves and our university deservedly. I congratulate you and suggest starting the ceremony of conferring diplomas because, of course, you are anticipating it.

The ceremony started with the graduates in Linguistics and the floor was given to Aleksandr Elensky, Head of Department of Language Training in Professional Sphere:

— I would like to congratulate not only translators but all graduates present here with getting diplomas and graduation from the university. I believe you will be proud for your whole lives that you graduated from ISTU: we are well-known, people know Izhevsk State Technical University and name of Mikhail Kalashnikov, our university has extensive relations and friends in many countries of Europe, Africa, Asia. We know Egypt very well. I started working with Dr. Sherif on establishing our coalition — our joint training. And I am very happy that our Egyptian friends are now coming to us to study and love our university.

My graduates-translators, I am proud of you! For me it was also a challenge. I had different positions at our university, and I started everything with you from scratch and I am really happy that we managed everything. We faced a lot of problems but we overcame them! I wish you, first of all, to find job in your specialty and continue learning during your whole lives, and remember — a foreign language can be easily forgotten. Good luck!

Then the diplomas were conferred to the international graduates in Mechatronics and Robotics. Alexey Schenyatsky, Director of Institute of Modern Technologies in Mechanical & Automotive Engineering and Metallurgy said that a bit more than one week had passed since the date of graduation project defense and he was happy to see the students again. Igor Arkhipov, Director of Institute of Informatics and Computer Engineering wished the graduates in Software Engineering success in their future lives. Ekaterina Karpova, Associate Professor of Department of Industrial and Civil Engineering of V.A. Shumilov Institute of Construction and Architecture reminded the students in Civil Engineering that the profession of a builder is one of the most responsible, creative and honorable and expressed her confidence that the knowledge and skills the graduates of ISTU had obtained would be a powerful foundation for their future careers, and Olga Perminova, Head of Department of Management and Alina Bagrovnikova, Senior Lecturer of Department of Economics and Company Management of Institute of Digital Economics invited the graduates in Management to master studies.

Tatiana Savchenko, Director of Center of International Academic Cooperation and Irina Glazyrina conferred letters of appreciation for active participation in the institute’ life to the graduates.

The graduates of the institute came forward with their replies.

The closing speech was made by Elsayed Mohamed Eid Abdelaziz Mustafa, President of the branch of Association of International Students of Russia:

— Dear graduates, you proved to everyone that you deserve everything great! There is nothing impossible in life, you waited for this moment and worked for it for 4 years. I would like to express my gratitude to the state — Russian Federation, university administration and students for help. I congratulate all graduates, including myself. I wish you success during your whole lives, power, patience, will, and let your dreams come true!


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