«Izhevsk in my heart»: graduation ceremony at Institute of International Study Programs

imop-00On July 5 Kalashnikov Tech hosted the solemn ceremony of conferring bachelor diplomas to IISP graduates.

This year, 34 IISP students graduated from our university. The main part are double-degree bachelors of Egyptian-Russian University in Telecommunications and Mechatronics & Robotics. The cooperation between Kalashnikov Tech and ERU have been developing for nearly 20 years, this is already the 8th graduation of the abovementioned program and over 200 bachelors have been awarded the diplomas of both universities.

The bachelor diplomas were also conferred to future translations, managers and programmers. The students’ were accompanied by the parents who came to support them on such an important day.

Vice-Rector for Youth Policy of Kalashnikov Tech Dmitry Melnichenko opened the ceremony. He wished the graduates to choose the profession they really love. «“I hope you’ll never forget your study years! And we’ll be always happy to see you in your Alma Mater», he said.

The graduates were warmly congratulated by Issa Shaabo, the President of Association of International Students of Russian Federation and Prof. Alaa Elbutch, Dean of Engineering Faculty of ERU.

The diplomas were presented by Alexey Ryabchikov, Director of Institute of International Study Programs who coincidentally had the birthday on the same day. He heartily congratulated the graduates and the graduates congratulated him on the birthday, in turn.

Deputy Director of Institute of Modern Technologies in Mechanical&Automotive Engineering and Metallurgy Oksana Zorina, Head of Department of Language Training in Professional Sphere Aleksandr Elensky, Associate Professor of Department of Industrial and Civil Engineering Ekaterina Karpova and Head of Linguistics Department Viktor Baranov expressed their best wishes and kind valedictions.

Director of Institute of International Academic Cooperation Tatiana Savchenko presented the acknowledgement letters to the graduates for active participation in the university life, social activity, sportive and scientific achievements.

In response, the IISP graduates talked about their love to the university and Izhevsk («Izhevsk in my heart!»), about fellow students, gratitude and respect to their teachers.

Madany Mahmoud Atta Abdelhares expressed his gratitude to university teachers in English and to his parents in Arabic.

«My parents mean everything for me – I appreciate and respect them. If they weren’t with me, I wouldn’t be standing here now and couldn’t do this, and I hope to see them happy all the time», said Mahmoud.

A guest of Izhevsk — Amr Elnagar, despite the long distance, came to Izhevsk from Egypt to share this solemn moment with his son Ali — the awarding of bachelor diploma in Mechatronics. He came to the stage and thanked all the teachers and university administration for their support and inspiration of the students during their studies.

This was a very special event for all the participants of the ceremony and the today’s heroes will be remembering it during their whole lives. And it is not surprising that feelings overwhelming the graduates were expressed not only in smiles and unanimous applause but also in lively songs and dances on the stage and in the room.

The ceremony was closed by Director of IISP Alexey Ryabchikov who cordially wished the graduates good luck on their way to new beginnings!