Students of Kalashnikov Tech — participants of International Summer School at Harbin Institute of Technology (China)

Students of Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University (Kalashnikov Tech): Elina Gabdulkabirova (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), Maksim Isupov (Institute of Informatics and Computer Engineering), Kirill Popov (Institute of Power Engineering) and Raushan Khakimov (Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering) became the participants of International Summer School at Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT).

According to Deputy Director of Center of International Academic Cooperation Sergey Babushkin only the students with good academic progress went to Harbin. The school comprised fourteen engineering topics, which were taught in English. So, the students were able to improve their engineering and English-language skills at one of our long-term partners. The tuition and accommodation were covered by the Chinese side. The students had to only to cover travel expenses and meals.

Our correspondent managed to talk to two our students — participants of the program: Kirill Popov has already returned to Izhevsk and Maksim Isupov told about his studies from Harbin.

Kirill Popov:

— I am studying at Kalashnikov Tech in the program «Water supply and drainage». China has the top position in this field, so, I learned a lot during my studies there. My program at HIT was «Intelligent Civil Engineering and Intelligent Construction». In particular, I learned about new methods in operation and maintenance of buildings, as well as the conditions of improving the durability of structures. I attended lectures in different types of materials, which are less sensitive to corrosion. For example, the pipes produced in China are, as a rule, corrosion-resistant, seamless and welded ones. The lectures were very interesting but it should be understood that for complete immersion it is necessary to have a high English level (frankly, I had to consult the dictionary sometimes). I will definitely participate in this program next year but choose a one-month program. And now, with the new knowledge I have, I am thinking on the selection of a research project topic.

China surprised me and Harbin left the impression of a great and rather densely populated city, compared to Moscow, not speaking of Izhevsk.  

Maksim Isupov:

— It was the first summer school for me. My program was called «Computing for Future, Intelligent for Success». I had two classes a day dedicated to artificial intelligence, machine learning and probability theory. Since I’ve studied only for one year at Kalashnikov Tech, the largest part of information was new for me. But everything depended on the teachers, sometimes we discussed well-known topics such as Boolean algebra. What made the things more complicated — the study process was in English and the majority of people in China don’t speak English.

During the last week of the program we worked on individual final projects: we were split into groups of 3-5 people, chose one of 8 topics and completed the project. The defense is arranged in the last week of the program — which is today. My team worked on developing the neural network, which will define the human’s psychological state based on the position.

You can stay for a few days in China after the school program is over and I am going to use this opportunity. I want to know more about the Chinese culture and see new friends – foreign and Russian students from other Russian cities — Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk who are studying in China.

I have only positive emotions from the summer school!