ISTU named after the most famous Russian armorer

den-or-00Today, on 19 September, Russia celebrates the Armorer’s Day. And it is Mikhail Kalashnikov who is the most famous Russian armorer. As it is known, Mikhail Kalashnikov got the aptitude for weapon design after the severe wounding when he assembled the first submachine gun in the workroom at Matai railway station in Kazakhstan. And then the young natural genius created his famous AK-47 sold in 100 million copies all over the world! In 1948 it was started to be produced in Izhevsk Moto Plant and then in Izhmash, later – in Tula Weapon Factory and in many other countries of the world.

Starting from 1949 and till the end of his life Mikhail Kalashnikov permanently lived in Izhevsk – the Russian weapon capital where 90% of all Russian arms are produced.

The history of our university is also tied with Mikhail Kalashnikov’s biography. Thus, following the Senate’s decision, the title «Honorary Professor of ISTU» was accepted in 1994 and Mikhail Kalashnikov was among the first who were conferred with it.

In 2009 our university hosted the All-Russian Scientific-Technical Conference «Kalashnikov’s Phenomenon: Fusion of Science and Production» dedicated to his 90th birthday. At the same time, the room named after Mikhail Kalashnikov was opened in the university scientific library. And in 2012 ISTU was named after the worldwide known designer.

Mikhail Kalashnikov’s bust, cast in the foundry workroom of Russian Artists’ Union in Saint-Petersburg, was opened in 2016 on the university campus and then moved to building 1 in 2019. And the full-length monument of Mikhail Kalashnikov was placed in commemoration of his 100th birthday near building 1 of ISTU.    

The legendary designer was a frequent and welcome guest of our university, he took part in all major events of Kalashnikov Tech, which has been the talent factory for the Russian defense industry during 71 years already. Such famous weapon designers and Mikhail Kalashnikov’s followers as Gennady Nikonov, Vladimir Yarygin, Viktor Kalashnikov and Mikhail Dragunov studied here.

Till his very death in 2013 Mikhail Kalashnikov liked to meet and talk to students of Kalashnikov Tech.